Crawfish Recipe

Here I've transcribed my father's crawfish recipe.  The original link still exists (Dad's crawfish recipe), but he hasn't updated the site in almost a decade.

Colorizing messages in mutt (stab 2)

This image shows the different scores (“[1000]” scores red background, “[800]” magenta text, etc.). At work I use a slightly different set. I think I got it, at least in the index (for

Colorizing messages in mutt index

I’d heard a long time that if I’m a self-respecting Linux or UNIX geek I should use a terminal-based email client. My options are Alpine and mutt, and it seemed that

Backup WordPress Files and Database

I’ve been meaning to create a backup of my WordPress [] files and databases on my VPS (ChunkHost []). After a minimal amount of digging (on WordPress’s

Timbuk2 Commute Laptop Messenger Bag

Originally submitted at Timbuk2 [] A Timbuk2 laptop classic. More pockets, waterproof flap and is TSA compliant. Custom Commute Laptop Messenger