Set up Debian PXE boot server

I have always wanted to set up a Debian PXE (Pre-eXecution Environment) server, so I could have machines boot from the network and select an OS to install. Ultimately I expect to be

StartCom SSL intermediate certificate chain fix...

In the past year I’ve installed two SSL certificates from StartCom [], for my two websites: [], and []. Both of these

Installing tripwire on Debian Sid.

One security tool I use on my Linux servers is tripwire. Essentially, it hashes both a file/directory and its metadata (modify/access/creation timestamps, file size, inode, etc.) into the tripwire database.

Wordpress install on Debian Sid (post-Wheezy)

For my first post, I will discuss how I installed this website on my Debian Sid installation on my EDIS [] Virtual Private Server (VPS). I first started with the EDIS